Bank Loan Application without Commission 2019


When you decide to buy a house in line with your needs or when you want to buy an investment house, you can use a housing loan to provide the necessary financing. Almost every bank operating in our country serves its customers with housing loan product options.

However, Great Finance Bank added a new one to these products, enabling its customers to use housing loans without commissions. For those who would like to take advantage of this type of loan, we have shared the features of housing-free housing loans, interest rates and basic documents required in the application.

Great Finance Bank Mortgage Properties

Good Finance Bank Mortgage Properties

The most prominent feature of Great Finance Bank’s non-commissioned housing loan is that no credit allocation fee is collected . Therefore, consumers who do not want to be charged the credit allocation fee can benefit from this type of credit when they want to buy a house. Mortgage is placed on the real estate subject to the loan as collateral in the use of credit. In addition, an additional guarantee may be requested if necessary.

It can be used with a maximum payment term of 120 months . One of the characteristics of a non-commissioned housing loan is the fact that insurance is being made. Housing, life and earthquake insurance will be provided during the term of the loan. This continuous financing includes Construction Completion Loan and Transfer Housing Loan products. Therefore, you can take advantage of Great Finance Bank’s mortgage loan for both products.

Great Finance Bank Loan Rates and Calculation

Before you can use a non-commissioned housing loan specially created by Great Finance Bank for your customers, it will be advantageous to examine the interest rates and the costs included in the calculation. The interest rate range applied by the Bank for this product is 1.10% to 1.12%.

While calculating the rate, transactions are made according to the number of maturity you want to pay, not the amount of credit you want to take. Therefore, it is obvious that there is not an exorbitant interest rate increase between your maturity number being low or maximum. In addition, as the name of the loan suggests, no credit allocation fee is required and maximum credit is allowed at this rate, up to 80% of the appraisal value of the house to be purchased.

The non-commissioned housing loan consumer agreement clearly states that Great Finance Bank reserves the right to change loan interest rates . Therefore, these interest rates are updated for May and the Bank has the right to change these rates.

Great Finance Bank Loan Without Commission Required Documents and Conditions for Application

Good Finance Bank Loan Without Commission Required Documents and Conditions for Application

Documents requested by the bank to apply for the loan;

  • Copy of driver’s license, ID card or passport
  • Application form
  • Income certificate
  • Photocopy of the membership certificate to be obtained from the professional organizations of which they are members
  • Copy of the title deed of the house to be purchased
  • Trade registry gazette and / or trade registry gazette in which the articles of association of the company which is the partner of the customers who are partners of legal entities are published
  • Other documents deemed necessary by the branch authorities.

In addition, the following documents are requested from those who wish to provide financing within the scope of Transfer housing loan and Construction Completion housing loan products and non-commissioned housing loan

  • A copy of the title deed of the house purchased from the applicants within the scope of transfer housing loan,
  • Construction Clients who apply for a housing loan are required to submit documents stating that the house under construction may be subject to the loan and that the building level is at least 70 percent.

How to apply for a housing loan without a commission from Great Finance Bank?

How to apply for a housing loan without a commission from Good Finance Bank?

After examining the above interest rates and maturity options, you can apply at the nearest Great Finance Bank branch if you think the payment terms are appropriate for you. Those who wish to apply immediately can log in to their accounts via the bank’s internet branch and apply for the relevant credit product from the Applications section.

Regardless of which channel you use, your application will be reviewed after your application. If it is decided that you are an eligible consumer to use the loan, you will be asked to bring the necessary documents.

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