Car loan in Belgium and the Netherlands


You can apply for a loan on the basis of a special car loan, offered by various banks in Belgium. The advantage of this is that the bank knows well that you are going to buy a car from it. This can lead to a lower interest rate, since the bank’s risk is somewhat smaller.

Special Car Loan in Belgium

Special Car Loan in Belgium

A car decreases in value, but on the other hand will always remain worth a certain amount, especially after 4 years for example. This means that the bank runs less risk that you will not repay an amount, which means that borrowing money for a car can be cheaper.

In the Netherlands, the car loan is funded with a personal loan. This compared to Belgium where a clear distinction is made between a loan from a new car or a recent second-hand car, for example. In Belgium you can also find different interest rates for borrowing a car.

Personal loan in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, go look for the smaller banks in particular, since they generally try to convince you of the most competitive interest. You can very conveniently benefit from this by making a comparison between the various banks. Do this online, or try to keep up with interest rates. You can then apply for a loan for a car without, on the other hand, having to cost you a large amount per month.

Installment loan

You can borrow money for a car based on an installment loan. You ensure that you can control costs by spreading them over the coming years. Try to equate the term of the loan with the period in which you expect to use the car. Will you drive it for 5 years? Then choose a term of 5 years. You can then borrow money for a car without having to pay for it after you have stopped driving the car.

Drive away immediately?

Drive away immediately?

The borrowed money for a car of course offers you the possibility to immediately drive away, something that attracts many people to take out the credit. Does the bank agree with your car loan, for example because you have sufficient income at your disposal? Then you can transfer the amount directly to the dealer and he will hand you the keys. That means that you can borrow money for a car and you can drive away in it tomorrow, even if you haven’t had time to save for it.

Do you want to borrow money for a car? Are you looking for the ideal car loan? You therefore ensure that you immediately get the keys in your hands, while you can spread the costs over the coming years.

You are the owner of the car right away, making it an important difference with an operational lease. The company can no longer simply take away or deny you the car, instead you can use it whenever you want. Borrowing money for a car is an interesting choice in that regard, for example when you need it for work.

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