How to cancel credit cards


Not knowing how to cancel credit cards can complicate things when you complete the process and leave you in a spiral of messes that will only generate more expenses.

The most common problem is that the user may believe he has canceled the card or account and within a few months he learns that he has debts for commissions or pending charges; that when he canceled it surely he shouldn’t.

Here we will explain what steps you can take to cancel your card and not stay in the spiral of messes.

Find out about the statement

Find out about the statement

First of all you should make sure you don’t have outstanding debts on your credit card. If you still have payments to make, you must liquidate them completely (including cents) to continue with the process. Also make sure if your plastic has additional services such as insurance.

Remember: the first step to cancel your cards is to have debts.

Cancel with outstanding debts, it is possible

On the contrary, if you still have outstanding debts you can request the cancellation of your card but it will take effect until you have settled your debt.

How to cancel credit cards

How to cancel credit cards

Go to a branch of your bank

You must request the cancellation of your card in writing. For this you may be given a form that you will have to fill out.

Cancel by phone

You are also likely to be called at 01 800, where a person will try to change your mind. If you are convinced to cancel your plastic do not lose your temper and insist on your decision to cancel. The operator will only have to respect your decision and issue the files.

The latest statement

After canceling your card, with no outstanding debts, the bank has 10 days to send you a statement that states that your contract has ended and they have no debt with the institution.

Take your plastic

If you cancel your card at a branch, it is very likely that you will be asked for the plastic, or else you will have to state in writing the reasons why you do not carry it with you at that time.

Pending Commissions


The commissions, insurance premiums, interest, among other charges that have been generated until the day you settle your debt and cancel your card will be the only ones that can be made if they were not covered. After this date they will not be able to make new cartoons.


As you will see, it is very easy to avoid surprises by canceling your plastics. In case of having new cartoons or any other anomaly with your account, after canceling, you can go to Condusef or the same institution to request clarification.

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